Ready to Walk?
We are glad to have you! Did you know that it takes on average $300 for each animal that comes into our shelter to be ready for adoption? We hope that when you set your fundraising goal, you will try to set that as your initial goal. Our event is from noon to five but the walk itself is at 1:30 pm.

Have questions about registering your walk team or registering as an individual? Contact Grace Murphy at grace@atlantapetrescue.org or 404.815.6680 x211



To fundraise for a new event, you need to create a new fundraising page.

We cannot let fundraising pages roll over from previous years (e.g. from a 2013 to 2014 event). This is for auditing purposes, as well as to make charity reporting easier. For example, if your fundraising page reflects the previous year’s event, it will not display in the charity’s report for their 2014 event.

To create a new fundraising page for the same nonprofit you’ve raised money for in the past, please visit their FirstGiving start page,  click Start Fundraising, and select the event you want to join. When prompted to log in to your account, please use your existing email address and password.

You can re-use the page address that you used last year – your profile URL (www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/YOURNAME) will always bring visitors to your most recent active page.

If you need help finding the nonprofit’s FirstGiving start page, please contact us and let us know the name of the nonprofit.



Fundraising Tips

  • After you register as a walker, complete your personalized website. Add pictures, tell your rescue story, why you are walking and your fundraising goal.
  • Post the link to your website on your Facebook status, then make sure to do thank you status updates to those who donate.
  • Add a line in your signature of your emails with your personalized link.
  • Send an email to your contacts asking for support.
  • Ask your boss if your company will match your fundraising.
  • Do what you do best- if it’s baking, have a bake sale. Great car washer, hold
    a car wash. Amazing guitar player, put a sign out saying where the proceeds
    are going to, then stand in a busy area and rock on!
  • Have fun, be creative, be competitive, think outside of the box!

Don’t forget for the event:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Money to shop at our vendors
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Non-retractable leash