Fundraising Scares Me…..

I hate asking people for money…

I’m a terrible salesperson….

I don’t want to be indebted to someone for giving me money….

Do I need to go on? Yes fundraising can be a daunting task, it can be intimidating and push you out of your comfort zone. There are ways to make it more fun, less threatening and even…… dare I say…. EASY!

First, set your goal, think of something manageable and attainable that you think you can achieve. Second, think about a poor animal shivering in a cage that you could be helping right now if you would just grit those teeth and start!

Easy ways to fundraise:

1. Talk to everyone about the walk, even if they don’t donate to you, maybe they’ll come walk with you and that’s pretty great too. Tell your friends, coworkers, boss and that crazy cat lady down the street that you’ll be walking in a charity dog walk called Paws in the Park!

2. Register to walk and create your own fundraising page. Include stories about why you are walking, talk about your pets and make it personal.

3. Change your email signature to include a link to your fundraising page. You can do this at work and on your personal email, it’s a subtle way to help you spread the word that you are helping animals.

4. Be a social media guru! Do you have a twitter account? Facebook? Myspace? FourSquare? Use them to your advantage. Update your status with your fundraising page. Don’t forget to thank those who donated to you in another Facebook status update. This often prompts more donations if people feel appreciated.

5. Be creative, if you have a skill, say baking for example, offer to bake cakes for a $25 contribution to your fundraiser. Not handy in the kitchen? What about a car wash? Lemonade stand? Don’t be afraid to try something different out to see if it works!

Above all make sure your donors know how appreciated they are and how lucky all of the four legged buddies you will be making a difference for! Thank you for your help!

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